Organic Food: Production, Storage, Marketing and Import

Organic Food: Production, Storage, Marketing and Import

The organic consumer expects the highest level of food safety when she/he buys organic products. For this reason, the entire chain connected with organic products has been included in the legislation governing the control process. Everyone who brings an organic product on the market is subjected to the organic control. There are only certain exemptions in the case of retailers selling to consumers.

Organic products can be identified by the correct organic labelling. The labelling of organic products falls into two categories: products that are made of 100% organic ingredients and products made of ingredients of which only some are organic, these organic ingredients being identified as such in the list of ingredients. The new EC organic logo and a declaration of origin on 100% organic products are to provide the consumer with more information about their organic products.

Consequently, LACON certifies companies dealing with manufacturing, warehousing, transport, marketing and importing. The procedure begins with a description of the company that also covers the possibility of correct separation in space or time of organic production from conventional production. The description must include the processes involved in production of, the ingredients used in and the labelling of all organic products. The LACON auditor verifies the description and compliance with the requirements of the Organic Regulation.

Such descriptions are also required for all procedures carried out by marketing and import companies. The importation of organic products from outside the EC requires a number of additional obligations for exercising due care.

We carry out an announced inspection once a year; in addition, unannounced inspections may also be conducted. During the inspections, we check purchases, storage, production processes, recipes, balance of quantities, labelling, preventative measures to avoid contamination or co-mingling (“organic HACCP”).


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