How to obtain an IFS Certificate

How to obtain an IFS Certificate


Please contact us if you would like an IFS pre-audit prior to the certification. We can make arrangements to carry out a pre-audit at any time on short notice.

If you are just starting to build up a quality system, we can also assist you in choosing a consultant to support you. Once you are ready to have your quality system certified, we will send you a quote.

Combination audits
LACON can offer you certification for all the important standards relevant to the food industry. If you would like certification for another standard such as organic certification in addition to IFS, we can make you a quote for both standards thereby reducing the overheads and the costs for you. You are welcome to inquire about our complete range of services.


Once you have decided you want to work with LACON, we will choose a date for the certification that is suitable for both parties. The IFS food audit usually takes 1.5 days with another 0.5 day for compiling the report. The audit for the other IFS standards usually takes about 1 day on-site and another 0.5 day for the report.

Within 2 weeks after the audit, you will receive the final report. You must draw up a corrective action for each non-compliance that is noted in the report. Following verification of corrective actions, the report is put on the IFS portal and you receive the IFS certificate. It usually takes about 6 weeks between certification and issuance of the certificate. Please take this into consideration when doing your planning. Following the initial certification, a surveillance audit is carried out once a year. Once the corrective actions have been successfully implemented, you receive the new certificate.

If the IFS requirements are met to more than 95%, then you receive a certificate at “high level”. If the IFS requirements are met to 75% – 95%, you receive a certificate at “basic level”.