GMO free

GMO free

An increasing number of consumers in Europe are attaching great importance to food being free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

In Austria, the Guideline for Defining GMO Free Production of Foodstuffs and their Labelling provides the legislative framework for labelling food of plant and animal origin as being GMO free. As well the guideline specifies accredited inspection bodies, LACON Austria is accredited accordingly.

In Germany, it is the GMO free Implementation Act (EGGenTDurchfG) that regulates GMO free labelling. Furthermore, the VLOG standard describes the inspection and certification regulations and the use of the BMEL or VLOG seal according to those LACON Germany carries out the inspection activities.

Controls for “GMO free” are carried out by our specially trained auditors who are well experienced in agricultural production respectively in food processing. Auditors assigned to food manufacturing companies, explain and verify the requirements for GMO free conventional ingredients, additives and helping agents thereby making the transition to GMO free production easier.

The LACON GMO free certificate provides the key for opening up new and profitable markets.