IFS Broker Standard

IFS Broker Standard

This standard is especially for marketing companies, brokers and all organisations that handle merchandise but do not have their own warehousing and, as a rule, do not see the goods.

Key aspects of the IFS Broker Standard are:

1. Company responsibility e.g. organisational structure, function descriptions

2. Quality system e.g. HACCP system, specifications

3. Resource management e.g. training and qualification

4. Service providers e.g. choice and assessment of suppliers

5. Measurements, analyses, improvements e.g. internal audits, analyses

6. Special requirements for brokers

If a broker carries out any logistical activity, then a separate certification of the logistic activity for compliance with the IFS Logistics Standard is required.

You will be assigned a competent, experienced LACON auditor having the necessary IFS qualifications to attend to your needs.