IFS – International Featured Standards

IFS – International Featured Standards

The IFS food standard initially provided the food industry with a clear retailing standard. It now consists of a whole series of standards that can be applied to all sectors of the food retailing industry.

The standard is focused on suppliers on all levels involved in any food processing following agricultural production. The requirements are closely related to quality systems (DIN EN ISO 9001 / 22000) and to the HACCP concept and include elements of detailed specifications required in such programs as GMP (Good Management Practice), GLP (Good Labour Practice) and GHP (Good Hygienic Practice). At present, there are the following IFS standards, all of which are audited and certified by LACON:

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The most important European retailing companies require IFS certification for suppliers within their supply chain. Since IFS is an international standard, it can also be applied to suppliers outside of Europe.

How to optain an IFS cerificate

If you would like to have your company certified according to an IFS standard, we provide you with extensive advice about the standard itself, about fulfilling the requirements, about the procedure involved in certification and about the costs. We can also offer you a pre-audit. Read more.

You can obtain further information under www.ifs-certificaiton.com.