IFS Logistics Standard

IFS Logistics Standard

The IFS Logistics Standard has been in use since 2006. It closes the gap between food production and the retailing companies. It is most often used for companies transporting frozen or refrigerated goods. Similar to the IFS Standard, the key aspects of the IFS Logistics Standard are:

Requirements applicable to all companies:

1. Quality system management e.g. HACCP assessment, risk management

2. Responsibility of the management e.g. organisational structure

3. Resource management e.g. training

4. Provision of services e.g. contact verification, supplier evaluation

5. Measurements, analyses, improvements e.g. internal audits, corrective actions
Companies with storage and distribution:

6. with products e.g. premises, traceability

Companies involved with transporting:

7. Transport and packaging e.g. refrigeration

The IFS Logistics Standard can be applied to transport companies, warehousing companies and distributors.

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