IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry

IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry

The IFS Cash & Carry / Wholesale Standard was introduced in 2010 and is specially designed for wholesalers and Cash & Carry markets. It is very similar to the IFS Food Standard.

Key aspects of this IFS Standard are:

1. Company responsibility e.g. quality policy, organisational structure

2. Quality system e.g. HACCP analyses

3. Resource management e.g. personal hygiene, training

4. Production process e.g. specifications, premises, foreign body management

5. Measurements, analyses, improvements e.g. internal audits, corrective actions
These 5 key areas must be effectively and sustainably implemented by the company at the time of certification.

LACON has already audited wholesalers and Cash & Carry markets for compliance with this standard. LACON has competent, experienced, IFS qualified auditors to attend to your needs.