IFS Food Standard

IFS Food Standard

The International Food Standard was originally designed for the food industry for auditing company brand named products. Today, this standard is used in many sectors of the entire food industry. The key aspects of the IFS Food Standard are:

1. Company responsibility e.g. quality policy, structural organization

2. Quality system e.g. HACCP analyses

3. Resource management e.g. personal hygiene, training

4. Production process e.g. specifications, premises, foreign body management, pest control, cleaning

5. Measurements, analyses, improvements e.g. internal audits, corrective actions, analyses

6. Food defence

At the time of certification, the company must have implemented these key areas effectively and sustainably.

LACON has been auditing numerous food producers in Germany, Austria and other European countries for many years. Competent auditors with audit and practical experience and the required IFS qualifications will attend to you.