UTZ certified

UTZ certified

In 2010, LACON attained authorization to carry out certification according the UTZ Standard. “UTZ Certified Good Inside” with its headquarters in Amsterdam was initially designed for coffee farming and has now been extended to cover tea and cocoa production.

Professionalization of agricultural production and improved management enable the farmers in developing countries to increase sustainability of their raw materials resulting in a production of larger quantities at a lower cost. Increased profit generated is used to improve the living standards of the farmers and their families.

There are two UTZ certification categories. The “Code of Conduct” sets the certification requirements for agricultural production. The “Chain of Custody” specifies the certification requirements for the manufacturing industry.

Compliance to the standards is verified during an annual inspection. Complete traceability of UTZ products at all producer and processing levels is verified.

LACON is certifying major companies in Europe, in particular those in the field of cocoa and chocolate, for compliance with the UTZ Standard.