REWE Sustainability Program

REWE Sustainability Program


REWE International in co-operation with Global2000 and Caritas has developed a program to assess sustainability of individual fruit and vegetable products. All aspects along the entire chain of production are taken into consideration. The aim of Pro Planet is to encourage sustainable consumption.

All operations in the REWE Sustainability Program, with the exception of family operations, are also subject to the requirements of GRASP.

Risk Assessment on Social Practices

GRASP is an additional module to GLOBALG.A.P that covers social aspects. LACON can offer the GRASP Module in combination with GLOBALG.A.P certification.

GRASP is directed towards the social practices concerning the workers employed by the operation. Some of the aspects taken into consideration are: How are complaints managed? Do the workers know their rights? Are minimum wages and working hours abided by?
GRASP can only be applied in those countries in which a national interpretation exists.

Further information and current forms can be found under Downloads or on the GLOBALG.A.P website.